It’s Time to Make Face Charts!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I’m really excited today I think that’s because of it’s fall time here now. I want to post something about fall essentials soon but now we all here for face charts!

Since I was a little girl, I like drawing. Back in the times I was drawing watercolor painting or playing with crayons but then it has become sketches or charcoal drawings. Now I’m into makeup so I decided to make face charts. I’m not an expert or anything but I’ve searched how to make these, learned some things and decided to explain you a litle bit.

First of all, you can use a regular A4 paper but I don’t recommend because it’s hard to blend the colors. The paper needs to be watercolor. I can almost hear you say “How the hell am I gonna find that paper?” but it’s so easy. Almost every craft store sells them and if you don’t want to draw a face on it you can ask politely to M.A.C and they can give you some.

The other thing is when you put an eyeshadow you have to prep a base for it. If you don’t do this it’ll be pale a little bit as well as you can overload the color.


I think this is the most hardest part. You can’t use mascara so you have to use an eyeliner for this part(or fake eyelashes). I prefer to use an eyeliner. I draw little lines as eyelashes I recommend yo to don’t press too hard or it can be spidery and clumpy. Just draw little lines, do them unordered and don’t press to hard.


Lighting makes such a difference. If you put the light to the correct places, your face chart looks much more alive! Contour is the key and bronzer is everything for the face. Firstly, I put bronzer all over the face with a light hand and this works as a foundation then I contour.

Eyebrows and OMG the second hardest part! Actually, I’m suck at it!! I’ve tried so many different ways to do it and still I suck. All I say don’t draw a straight line or it’ll look so fake. Draw short lines to upwards and shape it how you want it to be.

Okay good news making lips is so easy. With a lipstick brush fill in the lips but again pay attention to the lighting. Highlight the center of the lips.

This is my first face chart and it’s not so good. Also it’s regular A4 paper.


And that’s the watercolor paper:




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