My Top 5 Drugstore Products

Hello, gorgeous people of the internet! Today, we’re all here for my top 5 drugstore makeup products. I’ve wanted to do this post because I love to find out which affordable products are high quality. So let’s jump right in! I’m gonna start with Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone Palette. Guys, I can’t even tell you how much I adore […]

Haul & Review | MAC, Sephora and Drugstore

Hello, beautiful people! It’s me again! I’m gonna show you my recent haul and share my thoughts on them. I hope you enjoy. So, lets get started! Mac Haul: MAC Lipstick in Captive and MAC Eye Pencil in Coffee: Captive is just perfect for an everyday color especially for Fall. It has satin finish so a little bit slippery […]

My Fall Makeup Look

Hello, beautiful people of the internet! I’ve really missed you guys and I’m sorry  I didn’t post so much… Anyways, today I’m gonna share my fall makeup. In fall and winter, my face is really dull. At these times, I feel like a ghost! So, I’m wearing much more makeup than usual. Personally, I wouldn’t […]

Empties #1

Hello everyone! Bam and it’s time to share my empties. Honestly, I love this kind of posts because they are like ultimate reviews. Also I’m a little bit proud of myself because I paid for it and I’ve used it! Anyways let’s talk about my empties. Batiste Dry Shampoo: I think I don’t have to talk about […]

ÇANAKKALE Is The Place Where The Heart Of A Nation Sighs

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything because I was on vacation. And I’ve really missed writing so I decided to share my vacation photos and memories. 🙂 In case you didn’t know I’m from Turkey and I live in Izmir but my mom’s hometown is Çanakkale so I have relatives there also my […]

Liebster Award!

  Hello everyone. I’m a little bit late but today I’m gonna do this kinda TMI Tag. It’s called Liebster Award and I was nominated by this gorgeous girl Reify. Please go and send love from me 🙂 Firstly, I wanna explain this concept: This is like youtube TMI tag except there are some rules. If […]

My Everyday Makeup Essentials

Hello everyone. Usually I don’t wear too much makeup and I like to keep it neutral. So, today I wanted to show you my everyday makeup essentials. Also I’m gonna review these products a little bit. And a tiny disclaimer: I took the photos when I came home (wore it 10 hours) so you’ll see […]