My Top 5 Drugstore Products

Hello, gorgeous people of the internet! Today, we’re all here for my top 5 drugstore makeup products. I’ve wanted to do this post because I love to find out which affordable products are high quality. So let’s jump right in! I’m gonna start with Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone Palette. Guys, I can’t even tell you how much I adore […]

My Fall Makeup Look

Hello, beautiful people of the internet! I’ve really missed you guys and I’m sorry  I didn’t post so much… Anyways, today I’m gonna share my fall makeup. In fall and winter, my face is really dull. At these times, I feel like a ghost! So, I’m wearing much more makeup than usual. Personally, I wouldn’t […]

Empties #1

Hello everyone! Bam and it’s time to share my empties. Honestly, I love this kind of posts because they are like ultimate reviews. Also I’m a little bit proud of myself because I paid for it and I’ve used it! Anyways let’s talk about my empties. Batiste Dry Shampoo: I think I don’t have to talk about […]

ÇANAKKALE Is The Place Where The Heart Of A Nation Sighs

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything because I was on vacation. And I’ve really missed writing so I decided to share my vacation photos and memories. 🙂 In case you didn’t know I’m from Turkey and I live in Izmir but my mom’s hometown is Çanakkale so I have relatives there also my […]

Liebster Award!

  Hello everyone. I’m a little bit late but today I’m gonna do this kinda TMI Tag. It’s called Liebster Award and I was nominated by this gorgeous girl Reify. Please go and send love from me 🙂 Firstly, I wanna explain this concept: This is like youtube TMI tag except there are some rules. If […]

My Everyday Makeup Essentials

Hello everyone. Usually I don’t wear too much makeup and I like to keep it neutral. So, today I wanted to show you my everyday makeup essentials. Also I’m gonna review these products a little bit. And a tiny disclaimer: I took the photos when I came home (wore it 10 hours) so you’ll see […]

Review: The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

Hello everyone. I have been trying The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter for a while so i wanted to write about it. There is a hype going on about this product and some people think it’s an almost dupe for Emma Hardie one but unfortunately this didn’t work for me. I think is it’s too balmy […]

Sephora Brand Knows How to Make Perfect Eyeliners

Hello everyone. Today i’m gonna write about Sephora’s gorgeous eyeliners. I have tried 3 of 12H waterproof pencil eyeliners and a liquid liner called smart liner. I think Sephora brand really know how to make high quality products with low prices. And even though these pencil eyeliners are “cheap”, they are formulated with no parabens and talc. These eyeliners […]